Heartwarming Portraits of Mothers on Their First Day of Motherhood


Citimami menemukan tujuh foto wanita di hari pertamanya sebagai seorang ibu, menenangkan ya melihat foto-foto ini. Jadi ingat rasanya pertama kali melahirkan dan menggendong anak pertama. Bagaimana rasanya bagi mami pertama kalinya menjadi seorang ibu??

Jenny Lewis, a portrait photographer based in the U.K., has created a beautiful photo series of mothers posing with their one-day-old (or, as the series name suggests, One Day Young) babies.
“In the UK, birth is surrounded by fear, the unknown, stories of pain. Basically, positive birth stories are thin on the ground,” Lewis told Indulgd. “Having had two great births, I felt it was important this side of story was also talked about and represented. As the series has evolved over the years, I have loved capturing this transition into motherhood. Witnessing the primitive side to human nature and documenting the raw unretouched beauty of these women.“
Lewis apparently collected models for the shoot by posting fliers in her neighborhood and made no selection among them, meaning that women of all types appear in her work.
More info: jennylewis.net | hoxtonminipress.com | Twitter | Instagram (h/t: indulgd, featureshoot)

Xanthe and Louie


Kim and Perseus & Rebecca and Osiris


Shenelle and Arissa


Theresa and Tommy


Hazel and Rudy


Idoya and Nahia


Clemmie and Imogen


Sumber: BoredPanda (http://goo.gl/Zz4bux)


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